In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

The synopsis for discussion AKA The Facts:

South Carolina has no safety standards for trailers under 3,000 pounds. 

South Carolina has no registrations for trailers under 3,000 pounds.

This page and Charles And Corey's Law In South Carolina on facebook will seek to address the critical issue to save lives and property.

Two issues we have one on trailers:

However, South Carolina State Code is silent as to any design or construction specifications for these vehicles or for towing chains and hitches. The purpose of this SAFETY EFFORT AND  alert is to draw attention to the potential dangers of unsafe trailers on roadways in South Carolina In many cases, towed trailers may be in obvious violation of safety codes that relate to lighting, braking and inspection requirements. Wherever possible, law enforcement officers should be trained in ways to quickly and easily identify such vehicles. In other cases, a trailer may meet all legal requirements but still be hazardous when used in transportation. Dangerous Trailers and Charles And Corey's Law In South Carolina recommends that the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of State Police and/or members of the South Carolina General Assembly review the current administrative Code and consider ways to improve safety with regard to trailers operated on  South Carolina that can then be used as a base for other states to follow.

Stolen Trailers:

The reality is that the State of South Carolina is somewhat complicit in inflicting damage to your own constituents and people who visit with tourist dollars or stay overnight when moving.   South Carolina chooses not to title trailers meaning very few have license plates attached …. Or even a means for law enforcement officers to make effective inquiry of the various computerized lookouts / wants for stolen property. Think about it … as a Highway Patrolman on I-95 coming behind a utility trailer headed to a flea market in Florida to sell “stuff”, there is no method WHATSOEVER for that officer to make a computerized inquiry to establish reasonable cause which leads to probable cause and an arrest / recovery. YOU ALL hamstring law enforcement inflicting further harm on your residents.

So what is the solution?

First click on the links to see our prior efforts that was completely and effectively torn apart by special interest groups that simply and right to the point they out spent us. 

To get a perspective of our almost 10 year odyssey again all self funded please click below:

Our Third Attempt In South Carolina State Senator Katrina Shealy

Penalty:  Without a sever penalty then no law will be effective. 

If your trailer should come off the hitch and cause any damage without a life lost then:

Fine: $500 dollars 1st offense

A second time $1,000 2nd offense and a misdemeanor

A third time $2,000 and a loss of license for one year

If your trailer should come off the hitch and cause a death then:

Involuntary manslaughter charges will be sought and at lest a 5 year jail term up to 10 years if more then one life is lost then each life is worth at least 5 years in jail.

If people know the penalty then they will be convinced into ensuring that their trailers are safe

So we can simply write the law that simply spells out the penalty.

Stolen Trailers:

If any police officer should discover that the vin number does not match the South Carolina tag then the offender will be charged with Grand Theft Auto sub section specifically to include

What is a trailer

Then the penalty will be the same as the person who is in possession of a stolen motorized vehicle.

The new legislation must address

Safety Standards and Severe Penality's

Safety Standards:

  • All trailers must have rated safety chains that will be of sufficient tensile strength
  • All trailers must have 2 working tail lights as close to the rear as possible
  • All trailers must have at least 8.33 feet of DOT reflector tape outlining the rear of the trailer
  • All trailers must have fenders on both sides
  • All trailers must have rated ST tires
  • All trailers must have the hitch coupler in working order with a the proper hitch pin
  • All trailers must have all wiring encased with universal standards for wires.  No exposed or broken wires
  • All towing vehicles must have the proper ball paired up with proper hitch
  • A ban on homemade trailers unless the owner of trailer can "Certify" that the trailer is constructed to the proper safety standards and insure it with a insurance company.
  • All trailers must have all lug nuts on wheels .... no missing lug nuts or studs
  • All trailers must have proper gates with no holes and working latches
  • All trailers owners must maintain and service the roller bearings and ensure its safe operation on the roadways of South Carolina.
  • All trailers that enter South Carolina from other states must follow state codes of South Carolina

No Exclusions for any "Farmer" If the trailer is used on a "Public Funded Roadway" no matter where it must be held to the same standard as everybody else.  Are "Farmers" excluded from wearing seat belts?

These new safety standards must be completed after two years after the signing of the law.

Now Stolen Trailers:

Thousands of trailers continue to be stolen from South Carolina every year now with less than a 5% recovery rate.  Meaning that over 95% are never found.

Here is the solution:

  • All trailers within 2 years of passage of Charles and Corey's law must have a VIN NUMBER ETCHED within 1 inch of the hitch on the right side of the trailer.
  • All trailers must have a license tag that must match the VIN number when any officer should happen to come across a violation.
  • After two years from enacting of the law if a trailer does not have required documentation and vin numbers than it will be considered stolen until proven otherwise.
  • No loopholes if the owner of the trailer lives in South Carolina and has a physical address then the trailer must also be registered in South Carolina and not for example the State Of Maine which has created loopholes to help stolen property.

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A good law does not affect what you do to address what you do to other's.

This is the point of our law.

For example if you choose not to wear your seat belt then that decision affects only you and your life but yet all police officers are trained to pull you over if you do not wear one.

"Laws are enacted not always for the benefit of saving lives they are enacted to benefit the people who voted for the laws in the first place" 

This is our fundamental argument that in our case at no laws we have enacted has produced any income for our cause or family!

We have introduced over 10 pieces of new ground breaking legislation that does not benefit our cause or family in any way but save lives and have passed 5.  For example see the 3 links below:


State Senator Ronnie Sabb a law maker who has reached out to us and now we are going to give suggestions on what

Charles & Corey's Law In South Carolina Must Address!

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