In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

And here is once again pure and convincing evidence that Farmers are using loopholes to steal trailers and property all over the United States.

No registrations, no safety standards for any Farmer who chooses to tow trailer...the farmers keeps trying to destroy our safety concerns and stolen trailers concerns.

Police recover stolen trailers, skid steer at Gilman property By Sarah Young on Feb 13, 2017 at 9:22 a.m.
(715) 273-4334

TOWN OF GILMAN -- Multiple stolen items were found at a town of Gilman property over the weekend after a tip from a victim led to an investigation resulting in a search warrant.

According to a news release from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, police recovered a 2012 CAT skid steer, a Dodge truck, 13 cargo and enclosed trailers, a 2004 Kubota tractor with a dump trailer and an ATV at N7082 330th St., Spring Valley. Pierce County tax records list Honeycrest Farms, Inc., as the property owner.

The PCSO received a call Saturday, Feb. 11 from a person who believed their stolen skid steer was located at the 330th Street property.

“The investigation started with verifying the initial information, and the follow up investigation resulted in a search warrant being authorized for this residence and outside buildings,” the news release states.

The skid steer had been reported stolen in St. Paul. Ten of the trailers found had been reported stolen from the Twin Cities area, while the Kubota tractor, dump trailer and ATV had been reported stolen in December 2016.

The search warrant was executed over two days; the investigation remains active as the PCSO contacts police agencies to obtain police reports about the stolen items and verifies property statuses of items believed to be stolen.

No suspects have been taken into custody. The resident who resides at the 330th Street address is cooperating with police.

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How can we make this statement:

Because of the powerful Farmers Lobby I have personally sat in committee meetings addressing as to why the Farmers are excluded from Utility Trailer Safety Laws...and registrations of trailers in Virginia and all 50 States.

For Example a farmer can steal any trailer and slap on a "Farm Use" tag and remove the vin number and the police will never verify or pull over these trailers.

Then they are excluded from Safety Chain laws and for example in Georgia....we were able to get a law passed Georgia House Bill 123 Click Here at one point 53 political lawmakers were going to vote no...on the bill.....but we told them all that if they voted no and the next person who may be killed by a loose trailer we would notify the family of the victim who voted to not only kill House Bill 123 but their loved one and all of a sudden they voted in favor.

Then we called the Governor of Georgia to Veto the Bill because the bill excluded "Farm Trailers" from the safety chain law....and he decided not to do it....

So we told him that when we find out a person in Georgia would be killed by a "Loose Farm Trailer Excluded From Safety" we would notify...well guess what....It happened In September...he does not like us anymore....Valdosa Man Killed By Loose FARM TRAILER Click Here

And here is the evidence that our political leaders are lobbied by FARMERS...Click Here Richie Yow of South Carolina advocates unsafe trailers  and registered trailers.