In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

Dear President Trump:

I would like to help you and your administration in minimizing the numbers of accidents on the roads and make the roads in America more safe for the citizens. By saving thousands of precious lives and reduce injuries by "passenger cars that tow trailers".

I am a family man working hard to bring up my 2 school age children with the moderate income of my wife and myself. We find it hard to make both ends meet with this struggle.

You see Mr. President,
I am also educating the people, in my limited free time, about the dangerous conditions of trailers ordinary people tow. Not the big rigs that get most of the press but the little trailers that are built to no national safety standard and even ones that are homemade, with no safety chains, improper hitches, insufficient tires, etc.

Let me make this perfectly clear to you....would you put any child into a "HOMEMADE" baby car seat, Mr. President? Then why are people towing trailers that are homemade and dangerous. It could be in front of your family, too.

My request is urgent...
as I have exhausted all my credit lines to educate and enact legislation to save ordinary people to prevent "random victims of negligence".

Mr. President, did you know that  over 24,582 including 28 Officers  lives have been lost since 1975 when we include "Hayrides And Parades?"  What is evern more hearbreaking as your administration address health care cost should we not also address the additional injuries of over 1,000,000 Men, Women And Children from loose trailers all by the way could have been reduced if our Government simply listened to our data.  If you are not convinced yet then please look at this video, one accident alone over 4,000,000 million dollars of  "Preventable" medical bills Note our You Tube Channel has just reached over 2,000,000 views.

If this touches your heart, I have included my website address,  I know you are busy, but perhaps you could take a look at it. I have devoted years trying to open the eyes of highway officials.

As you stated in your address to the joint session of congress you stated that all American Lives Matter and we have to find common ground "To Get Things Done"  then in the spirit of your amazing address see our video 

Yes, I would be in a better position to do more in this regard, if I had government support with educating lawmakers. The DOT should be aware of death numbers. There should be laws protecting our children and families. We have seat belt laws, we need trailer laws, and they should be enforced!
Mr. President, I have a wealth of information and statistics that should be public knowledge. Please help me, help others!

In closing, if the government can find millions of dollars to study "shrimp on a treadmill," then it is my hope and prayer we can find help for our cause.


Ron J. Melancon

Our Letter To President Trump, Loose Trailers And Loose Loads Is A National Emergency