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Ron J. Melancon President

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Glen Allen,  VA  23060


Dear Media And Victims Of Stolen Trailers:

Right to the point -- "Trailers are the most often things stolen on wheels in the United States and the least often found"  Ron J. Melancon.

For 2019 the most stolen utility trailers in the United States were our top 10 list:

South Carolina
North Carolina
Colorado ! New For 2020

Virginia is Number 11

No Government Agency wants to address stolen trailers in fact we have been in committee meetings when the utility trailer industry has lobbied against our recommendations to slow down the thefts. 

We are the only organization that has met with members of congress and even the NTSB regarding this critical, family finances and outright destruction of small business and all we get for our efforts is black listing.

Don't you find it really odd that not a single insurance company, no government agency is willing to join our efforts to inform and prevent over 1,500 trailers weekly nationwide from going missing?

We believe that powerful interest groups and the deep state are colluding to suppress and find creative way's to convince us to give up.  The fastest way to destroy a person who wants to "Say Something And Do Something" is to destroy his job prospects and financial income. 


Ron J. Melancon 

Explore our most recent theft and our links to prove our statements above.  We firmly believe that the National Media has a black list on our cause and are suppressing the truth from the American people. 

At the bottom will be our continuing list of stolen trailers throughout the entire United States and our claims that the Media and Government has a black out on our cause and a suppression order throughout media outlets.

Shannon Becker One Amazing Reporter will he be the one?   Who will feature our cause and expose all of this massive thefts in the United States Of Stolen Trailers?

McDonald County Sheriff's Office is asking for public's assistance identifying suspect involved in theft of trailer.

Black in color utility box trailer was stolen from Walmart parking lot. Male suspect unhooked trailer from owners vehicle, pushed it around, connected trailer to his vehicle (two tone red / gray older Dodge pickup), and left parking lot while the owner was inside store.

In the black trailer was a smaller stainless steel utility trailer used as a hot dog vending unit. Contents located in the the hot dog trailer was: coolers, fryers, grills, and vending equipment.

We were unable to get tag information of suspect vehicle.

​Any help identifying suspect is greatly appreciated. Our office can be reached through our dispatch 417-223-4318.

Information from the McDonald County Sheriffs office.

Please discover the massive fraud imposed on the American People by the insurance industry, political leaders who ask us for our recommendations then turn around and use our information to simply destroy our cause.

Ask yourself is this not "Collusion & High Crimes And Misdemeanors?  Against us and me "The Real Whisleblower?"

 In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone!