Stolen Chattahooligans trailer returned by man who purchased it from suspectsChattanooga police arrested and charged two suspects, Aaron Chippoletti and Erika Mays, with theft over $10,000.
Thursday, January 23rd 2020, 8:36 PM EST by Joi Dukes

ust a week and a half after members of the Chattahooligans reported their trailer stolen, authorities say someone returned it. 

This after Chattanooga police arrested and charged two suspects, Aaron Chippoletti and Erika Mays, with theft over $10,000.

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That 'someone' was the person who bought it from the suspects. CFC fan club member Andrew Bresee says they were told the man found out it was stolen after he purchased it and decided to give it back.

READ MORE | UPDATE: Suspects accused of stealing trailer from Chattahooligans arrested 

"We are so incredibly grateful and it really just returned some of that faith in humanity," Bresee told Channel 3.

He says that faith was lost after the trailer that was valued at nearly $20,000 went missing.

READ MORE | Police searching for stolen Chattahooligans trailer 

"We had grills and tables and chairs and merchandise that we use that we  sell to fund the food that we have at our tailgates...and the banners we use to support the team," he said.

It was one of two trailers that have been stolen already this year according to Chattanooga Police.

"Trailers are very difficult to track here because the VIN numbers are very easy to remove and they're not always registered through the DMV here in the State of Tennessee, so it's hard to track them down," Investigator Nick Hayes with CPD Property Crimes explained. 

The group's trailer was only one of a few to actually be returned. 

"It's not very often that people are returning stolen things to us," Hayes said.

So when Bresee says they were notified by police that the person who purchased it called it in, they were both relieved and surprised. 

"When you get it back out of the goodness of someone's heart? The person who returned it had purchased it, figured out it was stolen and then turned it in. They didn't have to do that," he said.

More than anything, they were thankful to both police and the community for helping recover at least some of what was taken. 

Chattanooga Police received 83 reports of stolen trailers last year and 108 reports in 2018.

Hayes  says people who own trailers should keep them in areas that wouldn't be easy for thieves to access.

He also told Channel 3 there are special 'tongue locks' you can buy to prevent another car from hooking a trailer up.

The biggest recommendation CPD Property Crimes made to residents who own trailers is marking the trailer in an obscure location so authorities can easily identify if it's found.

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