In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

Note:  When funding ever becomes available we have many suggestions to reduce these thefts.  The Insurance industry simply cannot sustain itself when 12 States have no registrations for these small trailers.

If our organization can prevent just 10 TEN stolen trailers a year then this would support our cause.

Yet over 100,000 of thousands of Utility Trailers are being stolen Nationwide every year now....and no action from our lawmakers.


We own .....just need funding.  National Stolen Trailer Crime Bureau

Our Press Release:

Stolen Trailers.Org And (National Stolen Trailer Crime Bureau)
Over 1.2 Billion Dollars Of Utility Trailers And Contents Stolen In 2016 Nationwide

Utility Trailers are the most often things stolen on two wheels...and the least often found. (Quote Every Police Officer In The Nation)

Richmond VA:  Stolen  along with newly acquired  The National Stolen Trailer Crime Bureau (  today  released it's annual HOT TRAILERS  report which identifies the 10 worst states in the United States for stolen utility trailers.  This report discloses the thefts of Utility Trailers reported by the news media and with our Google Search Engines discloses with our mathematical algorithms that supports our data.

Included in today's release is the list of 10 States in the Nation that we simply asked the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) over and over again to prove our data wrong.  They never responded to our repeated data and our claim that this so called crime fighting organization is incompetent in reporting and preventing stolen utility trailers.

We simply asked our political leaders and the NICB to prove our statement wrong to witch we never get any reply listed below are our two statements:

"Utility Trailers Are The Most Often Things Stolen On Two And Sometimes 4 Wheels ....And The Least Often Found"

The reality is that the State of South Carolina and 11 other States is somewhat complicit in inflicting damage to these good hearted folk and budding entrepreneurs. South Carolina and 11 Other States  chooses not to title trailers meaning very few have license plates attached …. Or even a means for law enforcement officers to make effective inquiry of the various computerized lookouts / wants for stolen property. Think about it … as a Highway Patrolman on any Interstate coming behind a utility trailer headed to a flea market in Any State to sell “stuff”, there is no method WHATSOEVER for that officer to make a computerized inquiry to establish reasonable cause which leads to probable cause and an arrest / recovery. Every Lawmaker hamstrings law enforcement inflicting further harm on your residents.While we focus on the 10 worst of the worst 38 States that require registrations for trailers will allow anybody to re-register any stolen trailer and re-title it using a "Homemade" trailer application and obtain a new vin number and license plates on a stolen trailer without proving anything.  In addition every state allows the abuse "Farm Use Tag" Or "Agricultural" tags and never get questioned.

For 2019 the most stolen utility trailers in the United States were our top 10 list:

South Carolina

North Carolina
Colorado ! New For 2020

Virginia is Number 11

No Government Agency wants to address stolen trailers in fact we have been in committee meetings when the utility trailer industry has lobbied against our recommendations to slow down the thefts.

Our suggested solutions have been submitted to every insurance company and every United States Senator and even the NICB which never responds.  Our suggestions are as follows:

All trailers must have a unified vin number system located across all makes and models and placed at the same exact location.
Each number or letter must be 1/2 wide by 1/2 inch high and be stamped into the metal of trailer within 6 inches to 12 inches from the hitch.
Every Farm Use trailer must also be subjected to the same no matter how powerful the lobbyist groups are.
A National data base and cross reference must be initiated and maintained to check every vin number to any stolen trailer.
All trailers being towed are subjected to a "Primary Offense" for lights, chains, hitch pins, tires and then are subjected to checking vin numbers.
Any trailer without a stamped vin number after 5 years of the National Vin Number System Unification Act will be considered stolen until proven otherwise.
A Misdemeanor charge will be levied on anyone in possession of a Stolen Trailer or anyone buying one on Craig's List or other social media sights.Currently Stolen Trailers are low hanging fruit and are not a priority for our overworked police departments so we support and encourage new technology to help slow down this massive issue and we do encourage people to visit to see innovation at work.

About the National Stolen Trailer Crime Bureau and Stolen  Hedquarted in Richmond VA is the only organization leading unfunded organization exclusively dedicated to preventing, detecting and defeating insurance fraud and trailer theft through data analytics, investigations, legislative advocacy and public awareness despite the lobby efforts to quash us.

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Stamp Out Fraud?  We Called And They Did NOTHING!

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Updated January 2, 2020 Colorado Is Now In Our Top Ten List.  The news organizations in Colorado simply refuses to tell their viewers why so many trailers are being stolen in Colorado...We have the right under "Fair Use" when they fail to investigate and report the truth.