We will expose the powerful lobby groups of the "Farmers" and the "Trailer Industry" on how they will hide and have hidden the reports of why Cassidy was killed on a Unsafe Hayride and now why the State Of Maine will not release "Easily"  into the public domain as to why the Wheels Came Off the poorly maintained trailer. 

The already sacrificed Cassidy as since her death over 100 have been killed by unsafe "Hayrides And Parades Floats"

We ask will they also sacrifice Detective Ben Campbell in order to hide the evidence and the truth as to "Why The Trailer Tire And Rims Came Off"....Note: we have received a call ....Unknown Name And Unknown Number...

The Overloading Of the Trailer in priors movement of over loaded trees on the trailer cased the AXLE and components to "pre·ma·ture·ly" have a fatal flaw....that over time...and at the right time and sequence of events cause the Death Of Trooper Ben Campbell.

Note:  Most of the time these wheel assembly's end up on the side of the road and they are left and the police....do nothing except in the past laugh about "Flying Tires"  It's our hope they stop laughing.

 In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

The Police Unions...And The State Of Kansas have sacrificed Officer Shawn .....They absoutly refuse to release the complete "Crash Team Report" On "Why The Trailer Came Off The Hitch"  Just like we suspect the State Of Maine Troopers Will Be Forced To Do In Order To "Protect" The Farmers And The Utility Trailer And Trailer Industry.

We are fully prepared of the "Road Blocks" They intend to put into our way seeking the truth.    We are warning all who may seek to quash all of this.