In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

We tried to go up the "Chain Of Command" within the Boy Scouts Organization and when Thousands (1000's) of boy scouts trailers are stolen and not a single effort is made to inform and alert all boy scouts chapters about how quickly a trailer can be stolen. 

We are no longer going to hold back our outright resentment on the total lack of leadership of the Boy Scouts. 

Shame on all of them that will not even put an older I Phone model into the trailer

Then download Life 360 and you can even monitor battery life and even know exactly where it is 24/7.

Thieves steal trailer, camping gear from Boy Scouts"Why would you take something from a kid," asked Sean McDuffie, the Troop 708 Assistant Scoutmaster.
Author: Eric Feldman
Published: 7:19 PM CDT July 31, 2019
Updated: 7:19 PM CDT July 31, 2019

FENTON, Mo. — Boy Scout Troop 708 in Fenton had its trailer stolen, along with all the camping gear inside.

They expect the theft to cost them $10,000. It could take years for them to afford to buy back everything they had, and camping trips planned for the fall may get canceled. 

"Why would you take something from a kid," asked Sean McDuffie, the Troop 708 Assistant Scoutmaster. 

The trailer was parked at a home of a former boy scout, who allowed the troop to store it there for free. It isn't easy to find, off a winding side road not very well-traveled. 

"We don't know who they are but they've affected us a lot," said Justin Stange, the senior patrol leader for the Troop 708.

He said he's figuring out what he'll say to the other teenagers part of the troop when they meet on Thursday.

McDuffie said he is figuring out what camping trips they have to cancel. 

"This is money we don't have set aside to replace it with. So we have to do a lot of fundraisers. Anyway to gather the money to replace it with," he said.

It took years to raise money for the trailer they had. It could take years to raise the money to get everything back.

"If you can't return the trailer, return the gear. We need it. Bottom line we need it," said McDuffie, a message to whoever stole their stuff. St. Louis County Police is investigating the theft. The white trailer has this Missouri license plate: 35C1NM