Do you see a pattern?  We call it a pattern of IGNORANCE  These accidents happened in the past 3 weeks of October 2019

 In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

We are asking for a "National Emergency Declaration" asking for a "Cease And Desist" order temporally banning all




Thanksgiving Parades Floats

Christmas Parades Floats

When people are on them because in just two weeks in October almost 10 children have been run over by these unsafe and no "Best Practice" operations.

We are the whistleblower that almost everybody in Government and School Systems across the United States is trying to destroy and suppress!  Why?  We are trying to save lives. 

Ron J. Melancon President

8898 Castle Point Drive

Glen Allen,  VA  23060


@@@@@ National Safety Alert @@@@@

Dear Public Safety Officials And All Lawmakers:

We are the Whistleblower that has for over 12 years have been constantly sounding the alarm on "Passenger Vehicles That Tow Trailers"

The month of October 2019 has seen so far almost 10 children and adults that we know of that have been run over by unsafe parades and organizations that sponsor these events without any clue on safety.

It seems that almost everybody from the Government, My Creditors, My local Public Safety Officials, My local elected leaders and even my friends simply wants us to give up and let the injuries and killings of innocent men, women and children continue.

I ask don't you find it odd that not a single insurance company and government agency is willing to join us and address why over 28,000 men, women and children have been killed since 1975?  In this figure we include 32 police officers, 2 fireman and 1 FBI agent then since 1988 over 1,450,000 have been injured. 

Even the Ohio State Attorney General has stated "A Utility Trailer Is Not To Be Used For Transporting People"  read the Manuel.

In closing we demand action and we despertley seek financial help to find resources to at least continue documenting these preventable injures and deaths. 

Please for the sake of saving lives we need a National Ban On These Events Until we can come up with a National Safety Standard and understanding.   I am even willing to put my home equity to work if we can find anybody who will finance us it's amazing that we believe so many behind the closed doors are "Colluding To Prevent Us From Continuing" 


Ron J. Melancon