Look for it....wait for it and see how two (2) firefighters fly through the air and they should be on AGT for their grace and skill when they are hit.

Note: The Firefighters, The Police And The Man (Political) leaders keep suppressing our cause and make life very difficult for us to help save lives by a passenger vehicle that is towing a trailer.

No National Safety Training

No National Safety Standards For All Trailers

No National Safety Standards For Hitches People Can Make Them Homemade

No National Insurance Or Organization Other Than Us Is Keeping Track

Fact Over 700 Will Die In 2019

Fact Over 30,000 Will Be Injured In 2019 Just Like These Two Firefighters

Dramatic dashcam video shows U-Haul trailer hitting 2 firefighters in southeast Oklahoma


The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released dramatic dashboard camera video from a few weeks ago, when two firefighters in southeast Oklahoma were hit by a trailer along the side of a wet road.

The video shows two men with the Stringtown Fire Department standing in a grassy area off a road in the rain when the driver of an SUV heading in the opposite direction lost control. The SUV hydroplaned and crashed into another vehicle on the shoulder, causing a U-Haul trailer to whiplash and hit the two men.


Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials said the two men did not have any broken bones and left with only bruises.

"This is a graphic reminder to SLOW DOWN -- especially when roads are slick and you see flashing lights," Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials wrote Tuesday in a Facebook post.

 In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone!