In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

Tips For Safe Winter Driving For Trailer Drivers By Jackie Writing Jackie

Tips For Safe Winter Driving For Trailer Drivers


The number of on and off-road accidents increase with a heavy snowfall, so it’s important to take precautions when heading out for a snowy drive. In some states, snow is a rarity, however those living in states such as Alaska, Connecticut, Iowa and Indiana, which all rank highly in the list of states where the annual snowfall is the greatest, may be a little more accustomed to driving in the snow. Now, imagine you’re a trailer driver heading out for a journey in the snow. Trailer drivers already suffer from a high number of preventable deaths and adding in a dangerous snow and ice mix only makes it more dangerous for them.


Take Precautions


So, before you drive off in the snow, there are safety steps you should take to minimize the risk road accidents. Snow and ice should fully be removed from your vehicle before any journey, no matter how small. Leaving snow on the roof of your trailer is particularly dangerous as it could easily slide off onto the windscreen whilst moving on the road, blocking your view and thus increasing the risk of an accident. Icy and misty windows are also a risk as they prevent you from fully seeing around the outside of your vehicle.


Maintenance of your trailer is particularly important and you should regularly check the oil level, tire tread, depth and pressure and water levels amongst other things. An emergency kit kept in the trunk of the trailer is also recommended in case of a breakdown or you get stuck somewhere. A blanket and spare set of clothes, flashlight, water, snacks, first aid kit, tire repair kit and roadside flares are all recommended items to include.


Be safe while driving


When pulling away, it is recommended that you drive off slowly and change into the highest gear as soon as possible. You should also leave plenty of space between your vehicle and other vehicles on the road - 10 times the normal recommended gap is suggested.


Steering gently into any skids will help to limit any impact and allow you to maintain control of the vehicle. Be sure to take bends and corners slowly, ensuring you brake well in advance of the turn. Limiting your speed will help to keep you in control of the trailer too. You should allow extra time for your journey and your main priority should be to arrive safely, regardless of the length of time it takes you to arrive at your destination.

All drivers regardless of the type of vehicle they drive should take precautions and drive with extra care when travelling in the snow to reduce the risk of an accident. Trailer drivers in particular should carefully consider the weight of their vehicle and its maneuverability in the snow and be sure they feel confident enough to head out on the road

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