In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

Three cars and trailer involved in Kaimai crash on SH293 Aug, 2018 8:47am

[Samantha Motion]
By: Samantha Motion
Samantha is a senior reporter at the Bay of Plenty Times @ Bay_Times

A detached trailer is thought to have caused three cars grief on SH29 over the Kaimai Range last night.

A police spokesman said no one was injured in the crash, which happened about 7.50pm between Soldiers Rd and Valley View Rd.

The highway was initially fully blocked by the three vehicles and trailer involved.

The initial report was that the trailer had come off one vehicle and hit a second vehicle, causing that vehicle to hit the third.

Police are investigating.

We Keep asking .... "Why did The Trailer Come Loose"