In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

Duties And Responsibility's Include But Not Limited To:

Finally being able to find the time and financial resources to complete our Non-Profit

Selecting our board of directors

Being able to take a leap of faith and no longer work 3 jobs to not only support our family and cause but to devote all energy into reducing the sheer number of preventable deaths and injuries that now are over 550 deaths a year with an additional over 30,000 injuries.

Collecting data on all accidents and deaths due to

  • loose utility trailers
  • horse trailers
  • boat trailers
  • homemade trailers

Correlating the facts

Obtaining the crash team reports

Contacting News Organizations with our press releases

Asking Questions

  • What size hitch ball
  • Safety chains used
  • Breakaway cable used


Maintaining web site

Sending letters

Sending faxes

Postage, phone and office expenses

More to come

Thad Hayes Vice President Of Organization

Who is who in our organization duties and responsibility's:

Ron J. Melancon Founder And President

One man, Ron Melancon, has almost single-handedly alerted America to the major problems with homemade utility trailers and the need for stricter safety laws. He has chronicled his determined campaign for all to see on Mr. Melancon has spent countless hours researching trailers and uncovered that they are not required to be inspected, and trailers less than 3,000 pounds fall below Federal guidelines. Only those over 3,000 pounds require that reflectors be placed at the "extreme rear of the trailer." Upon learning these facts, he campaigned to make a change, but several large trailer companies lobbied for a watered down version of the new regulation. So Mr. Melancon decided to keep a log on his website of all accidents involving defective utility trailers. He will not give up until the overwhelming evidence make is enough for change.

Statement From Mr. Hayes:

I lost my son Corey two weeks ago today. I've seen a lot of posts from you and others about money and donations so I thought I would try to explain. First of all there has been no donations because we haven't asked for any. We are planning to start a funding page to use for lobbying to GET a law in SC. And to give scholarships in Corey's name. I can assure you that if any monies are raised they will go to the proper places. My wife and I will control the funds and will make decisions with the help of a board. I don't know you but I hope and pray that you never have to feel the pain of loosing your son. And hey please don't give if you don't feel lead. I hope to have your support in this effort,

Duties And Responsibility's Include But Not Limited To:

Being the United States Copy of the family of

Freddie Hussey Click Here Justice For Freddie

Advocate for better and new laws for trailer safety in South Carolinia

Be a visual reminder for the loss of his son

To be able  to speak and talk to political leaders in South Carolinia

More to come.