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Omaha Lacrosse Club’s trailer of equipment worth $10K reportedly stolen near 90th & Bedford

Updated: 6:00 PM CDT Jun 2, 2018
Chinh Doan
Lacrosse Club's equipment stolen
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OMAHA, Neb. —

A youth lacrosse league is asking for help tracking down its trailer after someone reportedly stole it Thursday night or Friday morning from the non-profit’s parking lot near 90th and Bedford Circle.

The Omaha Lacrosse Club is out more than $10,000 in equipment it needs to keep the games going.

“It was horror,” said David Adcock, Omaha Lacrosse Club’s board president.

It couldn’t have happened at a worse time, according to Adcock.

“I was like, 'How are we going to this this?,’” said Adcock. “Everything was set up. We have our nets, we have all our scoring tables, everything was there, what can we do?”

Adcock told KETV NewsWatch 7 it's the biggest weekend of lacrosse season, with the final at Creighton Prep mattering most for the 300-plus players part of the league.

“It's just really fun to run and have teamwork,” said Brody Brummer, an 11-year-old player.

The theft has also lead to a lot of teamwork to make this event happen.

“I'm just surprised because one - it had a lock and two – I don't get why somebody would steal that,” said Riley Gibbons, said 12-year-old player.

The players and coaches said they can’t understand what anyone would do with 200 lacrosse balls, eight nets and two Omaha Lacrosse Club tents.

The league is thankful coaches and volunteers loaned or donated similar items for the weekend.

“Seeing people being able to come together, being able to build this back up and say, ‘Hey, it's OK, we have all of our equipment, we have extra stuff, let's put this on,'” said Alexis Gibbons, a 14-year-old player.

As the search continues for the thief, these players have a message for whoever took it:

“I hope you feel bad about it and give it back,” said Riley Gibbons.

“Just make better choices and pray to God and stuff,” said Brummer.

The trailer is described as white with nothing printed on it and Nebraska plates XMW 815.

If you know where it may be, call Omaha police.

To donate or get involved with the league, click here.

Caught on camera: Thief seen stealing trailer full of 9-year-old's belongings

Date Is  Updated: 5:00 PM CDT May 31, 2018

Matt Christopherson said most of his family's furniture was inside, along with all the belongings of his 9-year-old son, Cole.

LA VISTA, Neb. —

A metro couple is starting from scratch after a surveillance camera caught someone loading up and driving off with their moving trailer early Saturday morning. Matt Christopherson said most of his family's furniture was inside, along with all the belongings of his 9-year-old son, Cole.

Christopherson parked the trailer in a lot behind his work near 120th and Giles. When he came back from the long Memorial Day weekend Tuesday, he realized it was gone.


"I just thought somebody had borrowed it, you know, like a worker or something came accidentally not knowing it was full and I wasn't really too worried about it," Christopherson said.

That's until he watched the surveillance video. It shows a thief pull into the La Vista business' backlot around 4:30 a.m. Saturday, hitch up the trailer and drive away.


"That trailer had everything that we were going to take to our apartment," Christopherson said.

He planned to leave the trailer in the lot until his family was able to move into their new home.

"It's going to be tough when we move in," Christopherson said. "We're not really going to have anything to move in with."

Christopherson broke the news to his son earlier this week.

"It kind of stinks, because, you know, I had to tell my son Wednesday that all his stuff was gone and that was hard, you know, he didn't really take that very well," Christopherson said. "His books, all his toys, Legos, his fossil collection, you know? I mean, everything that he has had and that's kind of the bad thing. You can't replace that. We had his baby teeth in there."

Christopherson said the thief stole an estimated $20,000 worth of items.

"He was probably pretty happy when he opened it up and found half a house in there," Christopherson said.

La Vista police have no suspects right now and are looking for the white pickup seen in the video. It has a logo on the side that's hard to make out in the surveillance. La Vista police have shared the image of the truck with other law enforcement agencies in the Metro.

Investigators are looking to see if the same man may have take other trailers reported stolen over the last several months. There was another stolen trailer reported earlier in May near 109th and Harrison streets.

"I just want him caught, you know? I don't want him going around stealing other people's stuff," Christopherson said. "It's not right."

Anyone who's seen the truck or has information about who may have stolen the trailer is asked to call Sarpy County CrimeStoppers at 402-592-STOP.

We are calling out the TV Station KETV for doing a disservice to the community for not reporting the real truth as to why Utility Trailers Are being stolen.

We are going to call on the other two TV stations in the area and lets see them consider doing the real story.

We will refuse to be intervied by KETV because we are telling them they are irresponsible we will however call their competition.

And If they do not do the "Real Story" Then it must be a conspiracy....that is the only plausiable explanation