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Sherman Police: Stolen trailer found a block away

By Drew Smith, Herald Democrat
Posted at 10:11 AM Updated at 5:06 PM

Sherman Police said a trailer stolen from Camping World in Sherman early Sunday morning was recovered just one block away after the thieves who intended to haul it away failed to properly attach it to their vehicle.

Sgt. Brett Mullen said officers responded to the intersection of South Crockett Street and Wilson Street Shortly before 5 a.m. after dispatchers received a report of a trailer partially blocking the roadway.

“The evidence indicated that the trailer was taken from the nearby business,” Mullen said. “It appears that the suspects didn’t secure the camper properly as they tried to make their getaway. It looks like it fell off their vehicle and it just came to a stop in the middle of the roadway.”

Mullen said investigators were still working Monday to identify a possible suspect or suspects. The Sherman Police sergeant said the departments report did not include an estimate on the value of the new trailer or list any damage, but he added that those responsible could face arrest on a serious charge, if caught.

“Pending a better value on that thing (the trailer), it could be a state jail felony,” Mullen said.

The case remains under investigation. Mullen encouraged those with knowledge of the incident or those able to identify a possible suspect to call the Sherman Police Department at 903-892-7290.

Why did the stolen trailer come off the hitch?  We want an answer