In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

Sault Police traffic clampdown shows increase in intersection accidents, trailer offencesBeefed-up traffic unit carried out three-month clampdown from February to May; new, permanent increased traffic unit to start up in the fall

We Question his service will he cave into the political pressure and no longer enforce Utility Trailer Safety Laws?  They cave into pressure in Henrico County VA and the United States.   They Choose not to enforce utility trailer safety and it's our mission to expose them.

He will soon stop enforcing Utility Trailer Safety because they will discover almost 90% of these trailers have at least one safety violation.

Sault Police Sgt. Ray Magnan delivered details of a three-month traffic clampdown at a news conference held at the Sault Police building, June 11, 2018. Darren Taylor/SooToday

Finally The Police In Sault Police Traffic are doing their job...a job in the United States No police agency wants to copy and do the same.  Notice:

The people complaining .....Look!

If your trailer is safe and operational with no violations then you have nothing to worry....

Yet all the people who are complaining are potential killers of innocent people when their poorly maintained trailer comes loose and kills innocent people.

Violations we see all the time in Henrico County Virginia:

Non working tailights

Missing safety chains

Missing hitch pin

Bald Tires

Homemade untested trailer

Defective hitches

Ball Bearing Issues

Loose loads

And the people who complain harass us for trying to save lives.

In 2018 over 500 will get killed in the United States by a passenger car that is towing a trailer.

Sault Police, at a news conference held at the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service building Monday, presented results of a three-month clampdown on a variety of traffic offences in the city.

A special traffic unit, beefed-up to five officers from two from Feb. 12 to May 29, in marked and unmarked police vehicles, had their eyes peeled for a wide range of traffic problems.

Much of the discussion at Monday’s news conference focused on offences involving vehicles hauling trailers, currently a hot topic of discussion among the public.

“People had the impression we were picking on anybody with a trailer (but) that’s not the case,” said Sgt. Ray Magnan of Sault Police Traffic Services.

Police displayed several photos of trailers towed by over-stressed chains in danger of snapping and the trailers becoming detached, trucks carrying unsecured, unsafely stored debris (which could fly off in to the path of other motorists) and trucks carrying trailers with severely worn down, unsafe tires.  

Residents and city dump staff had reported their concerns about such trucks and trailers to police, Magnan said. 

"The police ignore unsafe trailers." I added this.

“One of the residents called me and commented there was more scrap on the side of the road then there is at the scrap yard from debris falling off these trailers as they’re going by. I thought that was an interesting observation,” Magnan said.

In Henrico County VA......more crap is on the side on the road leading up to "Trash Alley" than then in a trailer also.

Fines involving trailers range from $110 to $500, dealt with at Provincial Offences Court.

Magnan said some motorists who were stopped by police did not know of regulations involving trailers, urging motorists to be aware of MTO rules.

The problem of unsafe vehicles and trailers, Magnan said, was tragically seen in a 2017 local fatal collision which involved a trailer which was overloaded, a motorcyclist killed as a result.

Traffic fatalities doubled from two in 2016 to four in 2017.

In terms of traffic offences overall, there was an increase of over 200 collisions in 2017 compared to 2016, and a 275 per cent jump in Highway Traffic Act charges laid during the three-month 2018 traffic blitz compared to the same period last year, Magnan reported.

“For a while, intersections have been a problem,” Magnan said.

People keep pushing the limit, running a red light, rolling through the stop signs, and we saw a lot of that especially at the corner of Albert and Gore, a lot of people rolling through the stop signs and not even stopping at all, so that is my biggest concern with the whole project, and that’s why the most charges of all that were laid were the intersection charges.”

In the wake of the three-month clampdown between February and May, a permanent, expanded police unit, dedicated largely to traffic law enforcement (as well as such things as break-ins to vehicles) will be put into operation in the fall, Magnan said.

A news release issued by Sault Police Service Cst. Sonny Spina stated most collisions in Sault Ste. Marie take place between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

During the February to May traffic clampdown, police were also on the lookout for speeding, distracted driving, seatbelt offences and suspended drivers.

Police used specialized equipment and training designed to have a direct impact on road safety in the Sault, trained in areas such as Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST), intoxilyzer training and commercial motor vehicle enforcement.  

Police used equipment such as the Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR), speed measuring devices and electronic ticket writers during the program.

Between Feb. 12 and May 29, Sault Police issued a total of 1,859 charges and warnings and towed 49 vehicles from city roads.  

Police issued the following:

94 charges for Distracted Driving

173 charges for speeding

75 charges relating to seatbelts

215 charges relating to intersections (such as fail to stop for stop signs or red lights)

279 charges relating to permits and validation stickers

180 charges relating to commercial motor vehicles

94 charges for suspended drivers

67 criminal code charges

69 charges that require a Provincial Court appearance such as Operating a Motor Vehicle without insurance, or operating an unsafe motor vehicle,

391 warnings or 72 hour notices to repair equipment or produce proper paperwork

222 charges for other Highway Traffic Act offences related to equipment or rules of the road

And now the comments:

BlackHelix about 9 hours ago

Wow... Lot of numbers thrown around, but I don't see the number of actual accidents resulting from unsafe trailers....wait...didnt you just say this was a serious issue? There must be a lot of evidence to support that right? No no not talking about the essar truck that threw a coil on second line. Obviously that's different.A
Alphie about 10 hours ago

Do another blitz this time on Second Line from Pine to Black rd. You'll get 173 tickets for speeding a day.Z
Zippyzippyzipper about 10 hours ago

Just one thing I'd like to see addressed is the SUV/CAR/VAN pulling 30 foot travel trailers that trailer weighs more then the vehicle pulling it y isn't that a charge no way that vehicle will stop that trailerRM
ron melancon about 12 hours ago

The entire world knows about this effort! Google detached trailer in the news tab. Number one
See on Facebook. Justice for FreddieJ
janegray about 13 hours ago

They sent cop to mot school ,why did they not run a ad,blitz at same time so , people would be aware,did anyone see ads if you did let everyone know where you saw them in Feb,March,April?if people new do you think they would be stupid enough to be on road,?L
Leviticus about 10 hours ago

You think the cops should let people know? Why should they give a warning to people doing illegal stuff?N
NotSureWhatYoureSmokinBruh about 9 hours ago

Leviticus, because for years they weren't even aware of the laws on the books they're 'supposed to be enforcing'! If the people whose job it is don't know the laws how can any of us be expected to know? There are tens of thousands of laws on the books and no reasonable person can expect folks to be aware of all this constantly changing nonsense.R
Reese01 about 14 hours ago

They forgot to charge everyone who makes an Illegal left turn by not staying in their own lane!
AND All the Real old drivers that can't or shouldn't drive anymore.S
soowat about 13 hours ago

Also the young punks who change lanes several times without signalling as they race from one traffic light to the next and complete their demonstration of stupidity by turning left in front of an oncoming car then flipping that driver off for honking the horn at their asininity Good thing we old folks have enough talent to stay safe despite the the anal openings that apparently got their license out of a vending machineRM
ron melancon about 14 hours ago

What is the issue? The people who are complaining are the ones that know their trailers are defective. They can and have killed over 27,000 in the United States since 1975 when we include hayrides and paradesN
NotSureWhatYoureSmokinBruh about 9 hours ago

And we're in a different country where your stat is meaningless and the law here doesn't even apply to the folks you're referencing!B
BlackHelix about 9 hours ago

How many have been killed in SSM? How many accidents as a result of unsafe trailers? Do you even know?R
rhonmac about 15 hours ago

How many of you naysayers actually drive a vehicle?? You acknowledge the rules of the road when you go for you license. No where do it say speeding, distractive driving, Impaired driving (alcohol or drugs) unsafe loads or vehicles of any kind are acceptable. Congratulations to the Chief of Police for organizing and training officers to be on the lookout for driving infractions. If you do not want at ticket follow the rules of the road and vehicle maintenance. Stop blaming the police for doing their job and put the blame where it belongs on the driver. Also do not say the police should spend their time on more important things, everything they do is important. If you or a family member where injured or killed because of one of these drivers you would be singing a different tune.RM
ron melancon about 14 hours ago

You sir are a true Canadian .... I commend you pRM
ron melancon about 15 hours ago

Go to dangerous Over 500 in the United States will loose their lives.I
iamtc about 16 hours ago

Keep up the enforcement and keep cracking down on the illegal fractions this is a must in our community....drivers should know the law and follow them.F
Frita about 13 hours ago

Reese 01. Crime stoppers when the police don't respond? This is a serious issue where people have their heads in the sand out of fear! Crime stoppers! Doesn't work on an issue this severe.

Very happy to hear this. I have been saying for a long time that there needs to be more of a presence from police when it comes to traffic enforcement. It’s a jungle out there and with no threat what so ever of being reprimanded, nothing changes. Drivers only get worse.F
Frita about 16 hours ago

Now how about a "beefed" up drug traffic unit to shut down the many drug houses selling illegal drugs in our neighbourhoods!!R
Reese01 about 14 hours ago

You could also call crime stoppers anonymously.B
Bono about 16 hours ago

Why not put those officers on the streets to fight REAL CRIME! There are break ins every night, a drug problem that’s out of control and the cops are choosing to go after good, hard working people who might not have a trailer sticker. Give me a break. The chief needs to wake up and concentrate on the areas that really need the extra help.NR
November Rain about 14 hours ago

Bono I do agree the drug problem does need to be solved, however bad drivers need to be dealt with too!!
Drugs and dangerous driving both kill!!B
BTBuck about 16 hours ago

So in other words, the increased traffic division pilot project has proven enough money can be made off the public to hire even more officers.

And the argument that the over stressed chains or improper loading of trailers is BS. How can you possibly see the links on a chain of a vehicle in motion.

I'm all for traffic enforcement for obvious infractions but charging people for properly loaded trailers in good repair with a properly rated tow vehicle without a yellow sticker is BS. Same for people with a hitch on that covers the bottom 3/4" of the licence plate.EB
E Boyer about 16 hours ago

I saw someone driving a half ton truck and there was items falling out the back of his truck which was garbage and he never once stopped to pick up this stuff. I just wonder how his house looks...obviously may not pick after himself either. Leaves someone else to do it.NR
November Rain about 14 hours ago

E Boyer, there are ALOT of rude people in this town who just do not care!!P
PublicEye about 17 hours ago

All I see is who can get the most tickets, just a competition. Who cares about the people who are getting the tickets. The insurance increases they are going to suffer for years to come. Don’t educate the public, just lay charges.
OrangeJuice about 16 hours ago

The people getting the tickets should get off the road if they don’t want to obey the rules. The public were educated when they got their driver’s licenses. It is not difficult to google the MTO rules for trailers either before using one.GB
Go B's about 17 hours ago

94 people that have no business being behind the wheel and another 279 that don't think stickers apply to them. WOWW
Westend about 17 hours ago

they need to do a lot more traffic stops, and not just pick a month for is law and a month for another law. We need a new police chief soonV
Vinyl about 17 hours ago

1859 infractions/107 days/ 5 officers is a little over 3 per shift. that isn't a tax grab - they were doggin' it.RL
Read between the lines about 16 hours ago

So you are basing your calculations as if all 5 officers were working every single day for 107 days. That is highly unrealistic!!!G
Grumppy about 17 hours ago

do something about the tailgaters.

opied from the MTO website"
-Total gross weight: the weight transmitted to the highway by the truck and/or trailer - includes the driver, passenger, fuel, equipment, tools, cargo, etc. carried by the truck and/or trailer
-Registered gross weight (RGW): the maximum weight based on the fees paid for the truck licence plates - indicated in kilograms on the right (plate) portion of a truck's ownership next to "REG. GROSS WT." (trailers and converter dollies do not have a RGW)

Therefore if I am driving my 2800kg truck with my 750kg aluminum tandem enclosed trailer hauling my 500kg side x side I should never be pulled over as I am not breaking the law and there is no reasonable cause to pull me over as they do not know the contents of the trailer. If at this point I am pulled over and I am obeying all the laws, it is unreasonable that I would be pulled over as I do not require yellow stickers.
Reese01 about 14 hours ago

Maybe, Just maybe they saw a different infraction.J
John1432 about 17 hours ago

Got to pay for those civic center renovations some how.R
Reese01 about 14 hours ago

They need to get dangerous drivers off the road. Has nothing to do with the money from ticketsRC
reality check about 17 hours ago

Keep it up! Step it up!! eg. 94 distracted driving charges in 90 days = 1/day. I'll see upwards of three on a 2 km bike ride on any given day. Right and left hooks at traffic lights, aggressive driving, speeding, not moving over for emergency vehicles...the list is long in the Sault.S
Ski-Dude about 17 hours ago

And what impact has all this police work accomplished? I see no change. I look out my window right now at majority of vehicles going 70+ in a 60. About 1 in 20 with poorly loaded and or poorly maintained trailers. Groups of motorbikes flying by. A City work trailer loosing a rake out of it after hitting a “repaired” pothole. Also some guy taking up a lane on his electric wheelchair.

I understand enforcement cannot be everywhere at once. I also know that an effective enforcement agency can make impacts it’s community. I see little impact with traffic or illegal drug use.

Same as usual here people.R
Reese01 about 14 hours ago

It will take a lot more work and time. Perhaps the ticket charges should be Tripled to wake up the dum drivers in the soo.M1
Montec 125 about 17 hours ago

Send an unmarked with radar to fourth line west if you want to generate some cash for the city. Any time of day but after 4:30 pm will be more lucrative. Speed limit there is 50 km / hr plus it is not a truck route. The new pavement seems to bring out the best in people.R
Reese01 about 14 hours ago

Great northern near McNabb at 11 -12 midnight with the motor bikes as well BUT Have 4 cars ready to go!S
soowat about 18 hours ago

Keep it upC
CAP105 about 18 hours ago

People remember this to keep everyone safe grab! Screw innocent hard working people.S
soowat about 18 hours ago

With your mind set I would feel a lot safer if you were walkingG
GotRotties about 17 hours ago

How is enforcing the law a money grab?...follow the rules of the road and your money will stay in your pocket.