Owner on the hook for damage after trailer breaks loose, wreaking havoc on the H-1By Elyssa Arevalo Published: August 11, 2017, 9:46 pm Updated: August 11, 2017, 10:13 pm

A trailer breaks off from a truck, careening down the H-1 freeway and it was all caught on camera.

It happened during the Wednesday morning rush hour, but luckily no one was hurt.

That video was posted to social media. It’s been shared hundreds of times and has over 100,000 views online.

Travis Ellis told KHON2 he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“I was just in shock, I didn’t know what to think. First time seeing that happen so I was just tripping out on the whole thing,” Ellis said.

It almost looks like a work vehicle but it was actually a runaway trailer. It happened around 8 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Ellis, a truck driver himself, said he was parked on the side of the freeway near the Red Hill exit when he heard a commotion.

“First thing I heard was tires screeching like errrrrrrrr! and then just loud crashing sound. I looked up and seen that and first thought was get some video footage of it,” he said.

The trailer was rolling out of control across the freeway and narrowly missed a car before violently crashing into the median.

“I just watched it and videoed it all the way down Red Hill as it bounced off the wall,” Ellis said. “Good thing there was the median because if it would’ve went around on the opposite side of traffic, especially around that bend that everybody’s coming up Red Hill, people would’ve died I think.”

The trailer eventually rolled to a stop and police on a special escort drove up to the scene within a few minutes.

We reached out to HPD and it turns out no one was cited for the mishap. We’re told the trailer broke off after a collision with another vehicle.

The state Department of Transportation told KHON2 only trailers that exceed 80,000 pounds require permits and are subject to restrictions on the road.The DOT also said the owner of the trailer is responsible for any damages caused to the median and it’s still trying to determine a cost

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