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We Are Demanding Answers!  Why Did The Trailer Come Loose And Off The Towing Vehicle? 

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Crash Involving Tanker Shuts Down Westbound I-595 In DavieBy Ted ScoutenNovember 7, 2019 at 6:10 pm
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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Hundreds of drivers encountered a huge traffic mess on I-595 on Thursday afternoon after a tanker truck was struck on the highway by a detached trailer from a truck in Davie.

The trouble began just before noon after a tanker loaded with jet fuel pulled out of Port Everglades and was heading West on I-595.

Just after the tanker passed University Drive, a trailer detached from a pick-up truck and slammed into the tanker.

“The pick-up truck was hauling a small trailer that detached from it and collided with the tanker trailer. The tanker trailer received damage and pulled over to the left shoulder and it’s carrying 8,000 pounds of grade A fuel,” said Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Yanko Reyes.

Chopper 4 was over the scene which showed damage to the tanker’s front end. The impact also left a dent in the tank.

Another tanker had to be called out to offload the fuel from the damaged tanker.

“For precautionary measures, the company of the tanker trailer called a new tanker trailer. They’re unloading the 8,000 pounds of fuel onto the new tanker trailer,” said Reyes.

Some drivers were stuck in traffic for more than an hour, but we did see a great act of kindness as a stranger got out to help push a stalled truck from the roadway.

Drivers were doing what they can to get things flowing and keep tempers in check.

Fiver hours after the crash, authorities were still urging drivers to avoid the area.

All westbound I-595 lanes finally reopened to traffic shortly after 5 p.m.