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Trailers Are The Most Often Things Stolen On Wheels And The Least Often Found....Ron J. Melancon

Trailer, supplies stolen from local volunteer dog adoption group

Joy Wang
May 06, 2018 05:23 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The work of a local non-profit volunteer group that helps cats and dogs find loving homes has stalled after their trailer was stolen Saturday morning.

The trailer – belonging to the People's Anti-Cruelty Association – stored applications, leashes and food, among other things.

"When they stole our trailer it has greatly, greatly hindered our ability to (help animals) because if we can't find it and its contents, we're going to have to start all over," said Arnielle Fernandez, a volunteer with PACA. "And that is very pricey."

The trailer is parked along San Mateo and Academy once a week on Saturday morning for adoption events. Thankfully, there weren't any animals in it when thieves made off with it, but the tools taken along with the trailer go a long way to finding them homes.

"Everything that was in the trailer was like crates that we set up for our dogs, our collars, our leashes, some dog food. Puppy pens, blankets, you know, towels – everything we need to function," Fernandez said. "Ordinarily we, throughout the years, we have found permanent loving homes for thousands of dogs and cats."

The group is now asking the public to keep an eye out for the trailer, which is white and has paw print decals, along with a decal of the PACA logo.

"Ask them to bring it back. That would be wonderful. It would be like Christmas in May," Fernandez said.

While the group works to plan another event this weekend, Fernandez said the emotions they feel after the theft is a mixture of anger and pity.

"Anybody that is in such a horrible state, on a personal level, that would do something like that to a non-profit rescue organization – they're of very, very little character," he said. "Low self-esteem."