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Trailers Are The Most Often Things Stolen On Wheels And The Least Often Found.....Ron J.Melancon

Camping equipment, trailer stolen from 7th Day Adventist church

Spencer Lahr
May 7, 2018


Police are looking for a white box utility trailer loaded with equipment that was stolen from the parking lot of Seventh Day Adventist Church, 13 Chieftains Drive.

According to Rome Police Department reports:

The trailer and contents are valued at $8, 578, which makes the theft a felony.

Church officials said it was parked behind the building when they left at 8:30 p.m. Saturday and gone when they returned Sunday morning.

The trailer bears the logo of the church on the rear door, along with the address and phone number on the side. It contained 10 white tents, two Camp Chef portable stoves, a dock utility storage unit, a white canopy, a Camp Chef stove bag, 10 camping chairs, two orange and white Echo leaf blowers and an orange and white Echo bush trimmer.