A woman has been left dumbfounded after somehow losing her trailer on the A303 without realising.

Lorraine Lancaster said the trailer managed to detach itself from her motorhome, but she only noticed when she stopped at a service station. Bafflingly she was unable to find any sign of it while retracing her steps.

She is now asking for anyone who has information about her trailer to come forward and let her know.

She says that she cannot run her business without it.

Lorraine said: "We were travelling back from the showground at Shepton Mallet on September 10 in an old motorhome towing a trailer.

"We had just done the motor home show at the weekend and the trailer detached itself from our motorhome.

"It was somewhere between where the A37 joins the A303 travelling East (Wincanton) until the services just past Stonehenge where we stopped.

"This was when I first noticed the trailer was missing and it was between 4pm and 6pm."

"The trailer contained all my stock handmade goods that I was selling at the weekend, including lots of build-a-bears, clothes, baby blankets, nappy cakes and some kids toy items.

"There is also a gazebo strapped to the front, a plastic blue and yellow carpet strapped to the side and some check plastic bags on top with shelving inside - it didn't look like any other trailer.

"By the time we had gone back on ourselves, there was no sign of it at all.

"I cannot understand how it didn't cause an accident or an obstruction.

"The A303 is a busy road, so surely someone must have seen it become detached.

"I'm anxious to find this trailer, as without it, I cannot run my small business at all.

"So please, if you've seen anything like I've described, please get in touch with me."

If you know anything at all about Lorraine's trailer, please get in contact with me at: tommy.joyce@reachplc.com and I will pass on the information.

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 In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

Woman loses her trailer without realising while driving on A303

She is 'anxious' to find the lost load

Why did the trailer come off the hitch?

Look at the total crap and the condition the trailer was in!

Would anybody put a child into a homemade baby car seat?

Why are people towing dangerous trailers with no inspections and or no MOT?

Where were the safety chains?

Where Were The Hitch Pin?

What hitch was she using?

What tow bar was she using?

What training did this careless person ever get?