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Pennsylvania Implementing Hayride Safety Regulation
Philip Gruber,
22 hrs ago

Pennsylvania hayride operators are facing new regulations as the state looks to keep current with safety best practices.

Operators who meet certain parameters must register with the Agriculture Department and show that their hayride equipment meets requirements such as proper load weight, said Shannon Powers, the agency’s press secretary.

The state is expecting ride operators to comply with the rules starting in 2023.

Hayrides are considered amusement rides under Pennsylvania law, and the new rules came about because the state aligns its amusement ride regulations with guidance from ASTM International, an organization that develops industry standards.

After ASTM created a hayride standard in 2019, Pennsylvania followed suit.

Pennsylvania’s requirements include having a tow vehicle that is adequately sized to control a fully loaded wagon, marking loading and unloading zones, and having a qualified person inspect the tow vehicle daily while the attraction is operating.

The hayride rule applies to experiences in which passengers board a wagon or trailer that is pulled by a vehicle. Barrel trains and horse-drawn carriages are not included, though rides that meet the state’s amusement definition are still subject to other regulations.

The Ag Department will conduct on-farm inspections in 2023 to help farmers through the process, not to hit them with fines.

“We come out, we see you, we have a professional conversation, and we work with you until you’re in compliance,” Walt Remmert, director of the Ag Department’s Bureau of Ride and Measurement Standards, said in a Dec. 8 video meeting with Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.

Hayride safety issues have occasionally made news, as when a Maine teenager was killed in a 2014 crash.

From 2000 to 2019, hayride accidents injured more than 160 people and killed at least 22, including 14 children, according to NAFDMA-International Agritourism Association, a trade association.

The federal Consumer Product Safety Commission has no reports of injuries or deaths associated with hayrides over the past two years, press secretary Patty Davis said.       This is a utter and complete lie!   Will we be the only ones calling them out!

Pennsylvania's webpage for the hayride regulations is here.

To discuss the Pennsylvania regulation’s effect on your operation, contact Remmert at or 717-787-2291.

We Expose The The federal Consumer Product Safety Commission and we quote they said this!!!!!!!!

"has no reports of injuries or deaths associated with hayrides over the past two years, press secretary Patty Davis said"

We will expose yet another incompetent Federal Agency! See our links at the bottom but first the report!

Permission To Speak Freely!!  These People Are Paid To Get It Right!!! While The Government Continues To Throw Roadblocks In Our Way! P