In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Act 2018

Hayride Accidents Injuries And Loss Of Lives

Every now over 100 are injured (Most are never reported due to the fact it happens on private property mostly on farms) and at least 10 are killed.  Did you know that in Virginia once you enter a "Agriculture or Agritourism  Business And Injuries Occur you sign your rights away.  You have no legal recourse.

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 RV'S Accidents -- They Also Tow Not Only Trailers But Vehicles

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How Children, Women And Men Get Hurt, Injured And Loss Of Life Occurs

Loose Trailers

A loose trailer incident typically takes place when a car, pick up or suv is towing a trailer that either comes loose due to a failure of the hitch, towing system, safety chains, breaks and hitch pins.  Every year over 500 men, women and children or killed and an at least an additional 30,000 are injured with missing arms, legs, eyes and or massive life changing injuries.  

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 Hayride Accidents

Who We Are

Dangerous Trailers.Org  is the only national  safety organization devoted solely to preventing injuries & death's to children, women and men from "Passenger Vehicles Towing Trailers that has been historically ignored by the Federal Government And State Governments.

Dangerous Trailers.Org has been pioneering proactive education brochures and legislation since 2004 to reduce and eliminate the predictable and preventable incidents such as loose trailers, runaway trailers, defective trailers, detached trailers,  dragging safety chains starting wildfires, hayride deaths, parade deaths, horse trailer deaths and many other Utility Trailer related dangers.

Dangerous Trailers.Org works to eliminate these pervasive incidents through data collection, education and public awareness programs, policy changes, product redesign and survivor advocacy.

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Parade Accidents Injuries And Loss Of Lives

Every year now over 200 are injured and at least 20 innocent men, women and children will be lost by careless organizations that simply refuse to enact our best practice safety enhancements to their festivities.

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 U Haul Trailer Accidents

UHaul Trailer Accidents And Loss Of Lives

Did you know that U Haul is renting dangerously?  They will allow anybody with a pulse to rent a trailer with no training and no knowledge on how to tow.  They have used their power to either settle cases by NON-Disclosure and  either they make evidence go away.

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Parade Accidents

RV's Accidents, Deaths And Tire Blowouts

Did you know that anybody with a "Pulse" can drive a RV up to 60 feet long then tow a trailer and then a car behind the trailer using a regular car licenses?  Then what is worse they can have up to 15 people in the back and even children out of a car seat walking around.

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