In 1971 J. Standard Baker Quoted " Drivers Towing Trailers  Are Four (4) Times As Unsafe As Those In Cars Alone! 

TA loose trailer from a Hanover Fire came loose on I-95 and caused an accident  and traffic jams...

We make this point...the accident happened the first week of October and we ask...

NBC 12 did not cover it

ABC Did not cover it

CBS did not cover it

and the Richmond Times Dispatch did not cover it.

They all listen to the radio of our police...and they all knew what happened but yet nobody covered this story? 

Which leads me to this observation why?

It seems to me that the media is choosing not to cover the story of all of these loose trailers in our area because they know I am looking for them.  I have other reports from Henrico County VA where loose trailers have come off and they tell me they have no records.

In this case I had 4 different people contact me and tell me they saw the accident and then I contacted Hanover and told them that if they did not tell the truth I would produce the 4 people and then we will find out who is not telling the truth.  They did the right thing

Yes we do have a national emergency...with all the resourses the Fire departments have a Tire should not Blow OUT.

Then the hitch pin should not break and the trailer should not come off in the first place.

Unless we are towing with defective equipment....and we are.

Click Here and see that all of these trailers and hitches are defective because they are built to a "Voluntary Standard"

Then if I can provide evidence of since 1975 over 20,000 dead men, women and children by passenger vehicles that tow trailers land then add over 100,000 dead horses then why are we the ones who are getting harassed by Henrico County VA?

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